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You can choose from a wide selection of wall tiles at Tiles Outlet. From engineered to natural stone varieties in numerous colours and finishes there is a vast range available. Wall tiles are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom designs. Many colour tones are available from white to black to ivory, cream, beige and grey shades. We also supply colourful options such as red and emerald green quartz wall tiles, as well as blue, pink and brown. Wall tiles are traditionally selected for kitchens and bathrooms in homes. They are not only chosen to fit within a certain design but also provide a protective covering in these areas. At Tiles Outlet we supply high quality wall tiles to both residential and commercial markets.

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Wall tiles are acquired in large quantities for entire clothes shop refits and hotel interiors. The low maintenance and durability of wall tiles makes them a suitable option for such properties. Whether you require tiles for expansive areas or just a small inclusion within a room then you have arrived at the right place. A stunning wall design in either your kitchen or bathroom can be achieved with products from this extensive range. There are many ways in which products from this section can be utilised, for example; wall tiles can be used to create a simple splash back feature above worktops or as a general feature

Tiling Walls

Safety precautions including wearing protective clothing should be taken when tiling walls. You should be particularly careful when cutting tiles. When tiled correctly then wall tiles can last a very long time. There are standard methods of tiling which can help to ensure a safe, protective wall covering. One of the most important aspects of tiling walls is making sure the tiles are fully secure. This can be achieved by not only using the correct adhesive and grout for that specific area but also by employing the correct methods. Making sure that every part of each tile has adhesive securing it to the underlying substrate is essential.